video installation "Adore me@... ".(2017)
part of production: "6 Objects: Projecting Identity Expressions" (2017) directed by Debora Dax
Short film: "INSTAFAME".(2017)
Teaser: "Land of the protectors of Human rights". (2017) Made for project:
Short film: "Female Masking with Kim Netto".(2015)
part of production: "Welcome to Farewell: A Blind Man’s Poem".(2016)
part of production: "The Men Who Transform into Living Latex Female Dolls".(2016)
book + magazine on Female Masking.(2015)
photography,Latex pony.(2015)
part of production: “ECHTZEIT, Wilde Tiere?”.(2016)
photography, print,"Faces of the city".(2014)
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