PRINT, PHOTOGRAPHY: Faces of the city
The subject of humans and their interaction with the city was my starting point for these photo series. How people live their lives within a city is different with every individual. I believe that this is because of the origin and culture of that person, that he or she portrays the city in a different manner. It has always fascinated me how a person from a completely different culture lives his or her life, day through day. Eindhoven is a city, which is divided, similarly compared to other Dutch cities. There are certain neighbourhoods where people with the same ethnicity and/or culture live. People tend to find it comforting living close to people from their own ethnicity. This makes them feel more comfortable and this way they won’t feel judged. I can understand this phenomenon but at the same time find this a pity. We travel to beautiful exotic far-away destination with rich cultures, but often tend to forget that in our country there are people with the same cultural richness. But if you open your eyes and take a good look around you, different cultures will be discovered throughout the city. Every Saturday I visit the Saturday market on the Kruisstraat in Eindhoven, not very far from my home. Here I see people that I don’t usually meet during the weekday. People with all sorts of different ethnicities come together to this one place, a cultural melting pot.
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